Garden Waste Collection

Affordable, Easy Garden Waste Removal

At Waste Concern, as part of our household waste collection service, we take garden waste as standard. When you need to dispose of your green garden waste, simply place everything into one of our sturdy wheelie bins with the rest of your household waste.

Our system means you do not have to separate your rubbish into one bin for regular household waste and then into another for a garden refuse collection. We collect all your rubbish from just one of our wheelie bins and then separate it for you at the recycling centre. Our system is cost-effective, convenient, and most importantly, environmental.

We collect most types of garden waste during your regular household waste collection from us. There is no need to find somewhere to store garden waste separately, no special collection day to remember and no complex restrictions on the type of garden waste we collect. Our system could not be simpler - simply place the garden waste into our bin alongside your ordinary household waste, including all recyclables. Some examples of the waste we collect include:
  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves and cuttings
  • Weeds and ‘deadheaded’ material from plants
  • Unwanted compost, mulch and loam
  • Prunings and cuttings
  • Discarded pots, seed trays and ceramics
  • Unwanted seeds and bulbs
  • Windfall fruit and vegetables
  • Bark, twigs and smaller branches Pot plants, vegetable plants and flowers
  • Any product made from cardboard
  • Unwanted smaller garden ornaments
We can also help you when you have larger, bulkier items to collect, for instance if you’re replacing a garden shed, a lawn mower, a bench or following tree surgery. Contact us for a quote for our Bulky Goods Collection Service; you will be surprised at our prices.

At Waste Concern, we offer householders comprehensive household waste collection services, including garden waste removal as standard. When you need green waste disposal, we do not charge any extra for this service - simply place everything into one of our sturdy wheelie bins.

Our service is designed to make garden refuse collection easier; you decide when you would like us to collect the bin and you do not need to pay additional charges for a special garden waste removal service. If it fits into our regular bin, we will collect it as normal. We will ensure any items which can be recycled are separated out and you need do nothing other than place your order and fill our bins.

To find out more about any of our garden green waste disposal services, speak to us today on 0845 055 9665.

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