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Reliable, Economic Solutions for Domestic Refuse Collection

Many homes in the UK are now affected by problems with their domestic refuse collection. Councils throughout the country now only provide a fortnightly household waste collection and many are limited in how much they can collect. As a result, any waste not in a wheelie bin may be left behind.

Waste Concern offers a uniquely affordable one bin solution to all these problems and more. We were established in direct response to increasing fortnightly collections and help you with all your home waste disposal needs.
  • Many customers choose a collection during the week, alternating with their council who collect the week after.
  • All our customers can have collections on demand.
  • You do not have to commit to a set number of collections; you can have as little or as many as you like.
  • You can put your recycling straight into the same bin as the rest of your refuse.
  • You can put your garden waste straight into the same bin.
  • There’s no need to separate any waste - except hazardous materials, for which we can quote separately.
  • There is no limit on how many collections you can order.
  • There is no limit on how much we collect - you can order as many of our wheelie bins as you like.
  • Our wheelie bins come in 2 sizes - the standard 240 litre, or the 1,110 litre, suitable for flats and larger households.
  • Our services are not affected by public or religious holidays.
  • We care about the environment - all of our domestic refuse collection services use automated separation of recyclables at recycling centres.
  • Becoming a customer is easy - it takes minutes on the phone, by email, by fax or online.

We also even help with large and bulky items for general household rubbish clearance - ask us for a quote to collect these when we empty your wheelie bin.

Many households have far more waste to collect than their fortnightly or even weekly collections will allow. Waste Concern is an efficient way to manage council restrictions on general household waste collection and/or household rubbish clearance for larger items. Our services help you avoid spending your free time travelling to the tip or having to deal with uncollected rubbish.

To find out how we can enhance your quality of life with our professional home waste disposal service, call us today on 0845 055 9665.

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