Ordering your collection bin

Our service is incredibly easy to use, with so many homes now faced with a fortnightly council wheelie bin collection and/or limits on how much their council refuse collection service can collect, we aim to offer you a simple stress-free solution.

Let your waste be our concern. All you need to do is:

  1. Complete our one-time simple registration form and order our smart hygienic wheelie bin.
  2. Choose the services you need and when you want them.
  3. Place your order by phone, fax, email or online.

*** Please note that Ad Hoc and Monthly Collections are only available in certain areas, once you have placed an order this will be confirmed.

Step 1 - Registration and getting your Waste Concern wheelie bin

Local councils require us to use our own branded wheelie bins, so we supply two generous sizes to suit every household. There is our 240 litre regular size or our 1,100 litre size for those who need more capacity. You can choose whether to buy one, or simply rent one on a monthly basis. Our durable and hygienic wheelie bins have a smart green finish with our distinctive logo clearly displayed and are delivered straight to your door upon your request.

Step 2 - Choose which refuse collection services you want

Family parties, clearing the garden, redecorating and other such activities can all produce bags of rubbish that begin to pile up between council collections. You can choose to order a regular service between council collections, and whether you want to pay fees on a monthly or annual basis. Alternatively, you can also order an individual on demand refuse collection whenever you want; it’s up to you.

You can also order collections before or after bank holidays and there is no weight limit to what we collect. We aim to stop household waste lingering in unsightly and unsanitary piles outside your home and understand the value of an affordable, flexible and environmental waste management service.

Step 3 - Fast and easy ways to place your wheelie bin collection order

You have a choice of ways to place your order:

  • Simply call our staff on 0845 055 9665
  • Use our online order form here
  • Send a fax to 0845 055 9668
  • Email to: info@wasteconcern.com

Our refuse collection service starts with our famous distinctive wheelie bins, which we will collect from in front of your home. Put everything straight into our bin and do not worry about separating recycling from ordinary waste. We will separate it all at the recycling plant and ensure your recyclables are all responsibly processed.

Please note that hazardous waste should not be placed into our bin. We will remove hazardous waste on request - please contact us in advance for a quotation for this specialised service.

To find out how we can help you take the stress out of managing your household waste disposal, call us today, complete our form or drop us an email.

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