About Us

Waste Concern set up in 2007, stemmed from the frustrations of limited collection services offered by local councils. It is a privately owned company that specialises in domestic waste collections.
For nearly 5 years, we have offered convenient and affordable residential waste services, taking the complexity out of home waste management to anyone who needs a more flexible solution.

The Benefits are Community-Wide

Helping the whole community is at the heart of our operations wherever we work; after all, nobody wants to see rubbish sitting on the streets in between collections, after bank holidays and when there is simply a surplus of refuse.

We tackle these problems head on with our core commitments:

• Affordable general waste, garden waste and rubbish collection.
• No limits on how much we will collect.
• Easy recycling – just put everything in one bin and we take care of the rest.
• Being there when you need it.
• Flexible, courteous and prompt customer service.

Our Customers Come First

Managing your household waste shouldn’t cause a headache, which is why we offer a service that means you can avoid the stress of fines, limits on how much is collected and above all, reduce unsightly and unsanitary general waste littering your community. We never tie you into a set number of collections and once you have taken delivery of one of our unique green wheelie bins, you can order on-demand collections whenever you need them.

Our helpful, friendly staff will always answer any questions you may have about our waste disposal services. We will help anyone who needs more waste disposal services than their council currently offers.

To find out more about, or a better way to manage your rubbish collection, call our team today on 0845 055 9665 or send an email for a prompt response.

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